Thursday, July 28, 2011

A quick and easy chicken pen

So it not very big 2..3 mtr by 1 mtr but great for a clucky chook, and the best part is all up it cost only $5 to make, with the been for the nails and the hindges (which were in the clearance pile at bunnings).
So the tin and the wire were given to us and the wool is all pallets... and best of all the were for free.


  1. love this. hubby is in the process of making us a chicken coop.. i will definitely be showing him these photos tonight as he was a bit stuck for ideas!

    Thanks for joining the FQ swap - will email you details later today!

    Kel xx

  2. Love the chicken coop. What a great idea for a couple of ladies.

  3. I just saw this and it is exactly what I need for my 4 babys. Do you have any instructions to build it. I have access to many pallets. I need help in configuireing the doing of the project. If you h ave any, please let me know