Tuesday, May 31, 2011

its that time of year

When all you want to do is curl up next to the fireplace with a book and some knitting, but finding the time can be hard with children.. Today I got two book in the mail, so while the bread was in the oven cooking I decided to have a quick look through them when the next moment I was confronted by Alyra a little messier then usual.

 As you can see she was just a tad muddy hehehe.

 And it was all fun and games until she had to have a shower, and with all the distraction I nearly forgot about the bread.. lucky it was ok.. just.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keeping Busy

Making ricotta and using the whey to make bread and cheese and bacon buns
 I did make 8 buns but by the time they were cool so I could  put them in the freezer there was only four lol
 I gave two of the meat birds the chop today  they were 2.5 kg live weight each and 3.3kg dressed together and that included the kidneys, giblet etc, so roughly 1.5kg each with out the kidneys and giblets. I'm really happy with the weight of them and I have still got 10 kg of food left so will have the rest done before I run out so the cost is still $11 per bird or for these two $7.33 per kg .

 I finally bottled the olives today it took 1hr to pip them all then i baked them slowly with garlic and chillies and then into the jars with olive oil.
 The kids kept busy as well hehehe I'm not actually sure what they are trying to do but its keeping them occupied and its under the mulberry tree, which is there area where they are allowed to dig holes do build things and generally run amok.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lincon's box

Lincolns box that I mentioned in the previous post, He loves it and has been lugging it around non stop since he finished it.

No spinach

ok so you want to make cheese and spinach triangle but have no or very little spinach, then do what i did and raid the garden I collected spinach but as you can see in the photo not a lot, I added some kale and some wild spinach which are the leaves on the left, now I don't know the correct name for this plant but it dies back with the frost and is a climbing plant. So i cut it all up added some garlic grated cheese and some homemade feta and 4 eggs, and some cut up bacon mix all together and onto the pastry and the great thing about them is they freeze really well.

 Over the weekend Rob and Lincoln made a box for Lincolns treasure and I commented that it would make a really good seed box so yesterday afternoon they present me with this...I'm very happy with it, I will post a photo of Lincoln soon its very cute and just a bit rough looking but for a 6yr old first attempt it awesome.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I received an great book in the mail yesterday which inspired me to go for a hunt through my garden to see what i could harvest, I'm heading to my Nona's so I wanting something to take over this is what i came up with, the apples aren't from my garden but i brought 5 kgs the other day super cheap, so I'm passing on the love ain't they huge. The rhubarb isn't very red I'm not sure why but i picked some for me as well I used to make some rhubarb and choc muffins which were super yummy.

 Ive been trying to use homegrown veggies every day this week, and they kids love helping collect it

 as you can see they get a bit over excited, I wanted one pumpkin and anouth potatoes and sweet potato for 6 people, but they were having way too much fun digging them up I couldn't bring myself to stop them.
 I am loving the new book, while I am already frugal in many ways the book has given me motivation and new recipes to try.  My dad came over for dinner tonight and while the company and the beer was great I was more excited about the bottle the beer came in, and how great they would be for storing sauces, oils, homemade vanilla essence, thanks Dad for bringing the beer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

chicken update

They are now seven weeks old and I weighed the smallest (1.1kg) and the largest (1.8 kg) live weight so far the total cost is:
7 chickens @ $3 ea = $21
3 bags of feed 1 @ $18 and 2 @ $19 = $56
total = $77
final total = $11 per chicken
One bag of feed is yet to be opened so they still have time to grow, so far I have been really happy with this project they are super easy to look after and are growing really well. I move them daily onto fresh grass and let them out to free range in the afternoons.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

its way to cold for camping

but we survived.. Lincoln wanted to got camping as his Birthday pressie and I was really proud of him asking for a camping trip instead of a toy so of we went.

dying wool with prickly pear

wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, I also didn't get the results I wanted but hey you learn from your mistakes

Cheeky Alyra couldn't stop eaten them as I was cutting them up, I didn't like the taste.
End result not the colour I was trying to achieve, and still covered in the seeds from the prickly pear.

chickweed salve

way too easy to make, and i weeded around the onions while i was at it, I know some people eat chickweed but I will admit I see it as a weed most of the time so instead of throwing it to the chooks i decided to use it. Turn out really good and the kids are using it for there scratches and even on there lips.

Happy Birthday my little man

oh how time flys, I carnt believe you are really six.... I didnt get very many photos I spent all day preparing for the party and it was over in a flash, Lincoln had lots of fun and the cake was a huge hit so Im happy.