Monday, January 24, 2011


I love to knit but in the last 12 months I've done very little, atm I have hurt my back so I've been spending lots of time laying down and its given  the time to be creative with knitting. This is the first time I've use this pattern and its a really quick knit i did change the neck band so that it just slips on, I prefer this as it will keep there neck warmer in winter too. The first Pixie Hat I knitted out of scraps of wool.
 And for this one i dyed up some wool in a rainbow of colours so i didn't have to worry about sewing in the ends, I love how this one turned out its my favourite.
 As it was quiet hot Alyra wasn't to keen to where it.. this is her idea of how it should be worn lol.
so now I'm in knitting mode, i think i need to go and order some more wool hehehe.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Camping, and the joy of returning Home

We have just gotten home after spending two nights with family and friends at Clarence Town, the kids had fun, fishing and well just been kids. Every one else is staying to Australia Day so while I'm glad to be home and looking forward to sleeping in my bed not the swag, I would have loved to have stayed for longer.

How cool are these geese we have been here camping a couple of times and we have seen them each time.

 And whats camping with out glow sticks, I wish i had gotten more photos but my camera went flat.
 Marks going to hate me for posting this photos but i couldn't help myself, looks like a normal photo?? He is ASLEEP... I kid you not i couldn't stop laughing but after 20 min his started sliding into the water and woke up.... hehehe we did try and wake him we called out quiet a few times but he must of been really tired as he didnt wake
 While we were in Clarence Town we went to a garage sale and i brought this awesome flag for $1... so as soon as we arrived home the kids put Rob and I to work attaching it to the fort.. and while camping was fun it was so good to be home kicking back in the yards while the kids run around been crazy pirates.
 And i couldn't help but throw this pic in of the hounds because they we so excited we were home and sat by me the whole time i was taking photos and wouldn't leave me side. They made it quiet obvious they we glad we were home.

Who would have known

That so close.. meaning walking distance, as in 200mtr is this amazing spot that I can take the kids. Since we moved to our current house i have always wanted to come down here but i always thought it was private property, But we went exploring an to our surprise its not private property . So even thought there is only carp to be caught the kids still had fun as they don't care what fish they are catching as long as they are fishing .

As we were packing up to go home we found this interesting bug
And when we got home we tried out another new bread recipe.. super yummy made with homemade pesto
I am slowly trying recipes from here . So far I'm really impressed, every recipe I have tried has turned out great and I have made this pesto bread four times now but each time Ive made it slightly different the last one instead of pesto i made a garlic and herb paste and that was the kids favourite and next I want to try it with some homemade green tomato relish.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Days

The last couple of days have been busy busy, I've been making laundry liquid and yummy fruit roll ups, soo much better then the brought ones, these have no preservatives or sugar, i used plums, peaches and apples and i think the amazing colour came from the skin of the plums...
we finally got our new washing machine this week yay and the best part of all the delivery man had some huge boxes in his truck from a fridge which he let us have so the kids have been busy making them into cubby houses and after seeing butterfly's made on playschool they just had to have a go.. I'm still cleaning up them paint lol today i found some all dried up smeared under the table and on the leg of a chair hehehe ya gotta love kids.
We have also been harvesting more tomatoes, and we are going to have a go putting them in the dehydrator also plan on dehydrating some mushrooms so will post pics when done.
and these cute little birds Lincoln and I made yesterday while Alyra was napping, they were a huge hit and Alyra loves her birdie.

New BMX Track

Well its new to us anyway, and right next to it is a park/ play equipment so the kids loved it, we will definitely be going back again.

Monday, January 3, 2011

First walk for the Year

And i remembered to take my camera,  It so green at the moment and there are so many  flowers out in werakata state forest the kids and the dogs didn't want to leave.
While we were collecting leaves and seed pods to use for craft activities we found the most amazing spider i have ever seen.

Using our walk as an opportunity to collect things to use for craft turned out to be a great idea both Lincoln and Alyra spotted some amazing creatures and flowers they would normally rush past.
These are some of my favorite things they spotted, though Lincoln was really unsure of the ant as the were huge and last time my dad had Lincoln for the day he watched a documentary on fire ants and Lincoln now thinks all ants are bad.

and best of all once we got home we tried out a new bread recipe, so far I think its a winner I just need to be able to repeat it lol.