Sunday, January 23, 2011

Camping, and the joy of returning Home

We have just gotten home after spending two nights with family and friends at Clarence Town, the kids had fun, fishing and well just been kids. Every one else is staying to Australia Day so while I'm glad to be home and looking forward to sleeping in my bed not the swag, I would have loved to have stayed for longer.

How cool are these geese we have been here camping a couple of times and we have seen them each time.

 And whats camping with out glow sticks, I wish i had gotten more photos but my camera went flat.
 Marks going to hate me for posting this photos but i couldn't help myself, looks like a normal photo?? He is ASLEEP... I kid you not i couldn't stop laughing but after 20 min his started sliding into the water and woke up.... hehehe we did try and wake him we called out quiet a few times but he must of been really tired as he didnt wake
 While we were in Clarence Town we went to a garage sale and i brought this awesome flag for $1... so as soon as we arrived home the kids put Rob and I to work attaching it to the fort.. and while camping was fun it was so good to be home kicking back in the yards while the kids run around been crazy pirates.
 And i couldn't help but throw this pic in of the hounds because they we so excited we were home and sat by me the whole time i was taking photos and wouldn't leave me side. They made it quiet obvious they we glad we were home.

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