Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who would have known

That so close.. meaning walking distance, as in 200mtr is this amazing spot that I can take the kids. Since we moved to our current house i have always wanted to come down here but i always thought it was private property, But we went exploring an to our surprise its not private property . So even thought there is only carp to be caught the kids still had fun as they don't care what fish they are catching as long as they are fishing .

As we were packing up to go home we found this interesting bug
And when we got home we tried out another new bread recipe.. super yummy made with homemade pesto
I am slowly trying recipes from here . So far I'm really impressed, every recipe I have tried has turned out great and I have made this pesto bread four times now but each time Ive made it slightly different the last one instead of pesto i made a garlic and herb paste and that was the kids favourite and next I want to try it with some homemade green tomato relish.

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