Monday, January 3, 2011

First walk for the Year

And i remembered to take my camera,  It so green at the moment and there are so many  flowers out in werakata state forest the kids and the dogs didn't want to leave.
While we were collecting leaves and seed pods to use for craft activities we found the most amazing spider i have ever seen.

Using our walk as an opportunity to collect things to use for craft turned out to be a great idea both Lincoln and Alyra spotted some amazing creatures and flowers they would normally rush past.
These are some of my favorite things they spotted, though Lincoln was really unsure of the ant as the were huge and last time my dad had Lincoln for the day he watched a documentary on fire ants and Lincoln now thinks all ants are bad.

and best of all once we got home we tried out a new bread recipe, so far I think its a winner I just need to be able to repeat it lol.


  1. That Bread looks great! would love to try your recipe!

  2. This is the recipe
    its super easy and yummy