Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Days

The last couple of days have been busy busy, I've been making laundry liquid and yummy fruit roll ups, soo much better then the brought ones, these have no preservatives or sugar, i used plums, peaches and apples and i think the amazing colour came from the skin of the plums...
we finally got our new washing machine this week yay and the best part of all the delivery man had some huge boxes in his truck from a fridge which he let us have so the kids have been busy making them into cubby houses and after seeing butterfly's made on playschool they just had to have a go.. I'm still cleaning up them paint lol today i found some all dried up smeared under the table and on the leg of a chair hehehe ya gotta love kids.
We have also been harvesting more tomatoes, and we are going to have a go putting them in the dehydrator also plan on dehydrating some mushrooms so will post pics when done.
and these cute little birds Lincoln and I made yesterday while Alyra was napping, they were a huge hit and Alyra loves her birdie.

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