Saturday, May 21, 2011


I received an great book in the mail yesterday which inspired me to go for a hunt through my garden to see what i could harvest, I'm heading to my Nona's so I wanting something to take over this is what i came up with, the apples aren't from my garden but i brought 5 kgs the other day super cheap, so I'm passing on the love ain't they huge. The rhubarb isn't very red I'm not sure why but i picked some for me as well I used to make some rhubarb and choc muffins which were super yummy.

 Ive been trying to use homegrown veggies every day this week, and they kids love helping collect it

 as you can see they get a bit over excited, I wanted one pumpkin and anouth potatoes and sweet potato for 6 people, but they were having way too much fun digging them up I couldn't bring myself to stop them.
 I am loving the new book, while I am already frugal in many ways the book has given me motivation and new recipes to try.  My dad came over for dinner tonight and while the company and the beer was great I was more excited about the bottle the beer came in, and how great they would be for storing sauces, oils, homemade vanilla essence, thanks Dad for bringing the beer.

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