Sunday, May 22, 2011

No spinach

ok so you want to make cheese and spinach triangle but have no or very little spinach, then do what i did and raid the garden I collected spinach but as you can see in the photo not a lot, I added some kale and some wild spinach which are the leaves on the left, now I don't know the correct name for this plant but it dies back with the frost and is a climbing plant. So i cut it all up added some garlic grated cheese and some homemade feta and 4 eggs, and some cut up bacon mix all together and onto the pastry and the great thing about them is they freeze really well.

 Over the weekend Rob and Lincoln made a box for Lincolns treasure and I commented that it would make a really good seed box so yesterday afternoon they present me with this...I'm very happy with it, I will post a photo of Lincoln soon its very cute and just a bit rough looking but for a 6yr old first attempt it awesome.

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