Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keeping Busy

Making ricotta and using the whey to make bread and cheese and bacon buns
 I did make 8 buns but by the time they were cool so I could  put them in the freezer there was only four lol
 I gave two of the meat birds the chop today  they were 2.5 kg live weight each and 3.3kg dressed together and that included the kidneys, giblet etc, so roughly 1.5kg each with out the kidneys and giblets. I'm really happy with the weight of them and I have still got 10 kg of food left so will have the rest done before I run out so the cost is still $11 per bird or for these two $7.33 per kg .

 I finally bottled the olives today it took 1hr to pip them all then i baked them slowly with garlic and chillies and then into the jars with olive oil.
 The kids kept busy as well hehehe I'm not actually sure what they are trying to do but its keeping them occupied and its under the mulberry tree, which is there area where they are allowed to dig holes do build things and generally run amok.

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