Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yay It's the school holidays

So excited that the school holidays are finally here we have lots of crafty things, trip to the park and beach planned and if the weather clears up camping as well. First of we went to the library to stock up on books and since the op shop is right next door we had to have a quick look, Lincoln found some great books, while I (really Alyra) got these awesome vintage dresses, the 2nd one still had its original tag on it but both look like they have never been worn an a bargain at $3ea. I have also fitted in a bit of carving over the weekend making my first spoon ever this was a little trickier then the strawberry's and the radishes but was even more rewarding to make and I already have plans to make more spoons, I borrowed some books on carving from the library and have been looking at some tools.
Last day of term Crazy Hair day

Some teapots I found over the weekend to make into pots for plants, the blue one was our kettle until a week ago when hubby left it to boil dry and the enamel all fell of the bottom of it

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