Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Christmas is always a time to be conscious of how and what we spend our money on. I think it’s easy to buy too much and for children to quickly become overwhelmed with all the gifts. The actual act of giving and caring is forgotten and children and adult alike easily forget what it’s all about. Now let me say I’m not a religious person at all but I feel that Christmas has become too much about consumerism and that children need to be taught that Christmas is about more then receiving gifts.
The first thing the children and I have done these holidays is to go shopping and buy dry goods to put in the hampers that are given out by the local salvos. I explained to the children why we were doing it and they were really thoughtful in what they brought for the hampers. I also had them help decide what we were going to make to gift to family and where possible they contributed even if it was just measuring out ingredients. We also discussed what gift we could give that were more environmental friendly and they helped me pick what we brought. We are having a simple Christmas this year and I have decided the children will receive two presents each one home made by me the other is a gift from Santa. I'm hoping by doing all this we can have a fun Christmas were the children can learn to appreciate that there is more to Christmas then receiving gifts.

 Below are what I made for the kids they each are getting a blanket made from vintage sheets .

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