Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jars, Jars and more Jars

I know this look like I have gone over the top but I expect them to get used up as time permits. I ordered these through the Ozfarmer site and they were great to deal with. Part of the reason I got so many cases of jars was they discount when you order 10 + cases. I went mainly for the pint size which is 437ml as I find this is a size that suits my family the most, I find anything smaller is ok for jams but not for sauces and stock as you then need to open two jars at once. The larger jars are quart size which is 950 ml and is perfect for soups and for whole fruits as well. The brand of jar you use depends on what you are preserving, I find that reusing jars from the shops are great for jams but I would never put them in the pressure canner and if you want to jar stock and soups etc you have to pressure can to preserve them safely. The two brands that I know of that are safe to use for pressure canning are the Ball mason jars and the Fowlers Vacola Jars. I found more infomation about pressure canning with the Ball jars plus I could get them cheaper so that is why I went with them.

I have many plans for these jars and first on the list thanks to been gifted a box of mushrooms was dried mushrooms, luckly they dry fairly quickly as there is still lots more to dry. These are great to add to soups and stews and even in a pasta sauce. A tip if your children dont like mushrooms is to just crush the dried mushroom to powder when you add it to your cooking and they wont even know its there.
 Next of was more pectin,  I started this last night then left the apple pulp to drain over night, then reduced it this morning. I have a feeling this is a stronger batch then the last lot, it will be interesting to see when I am making jam next.

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