Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little Girl

Its so exciting. I had a feeling Moonie ( that's the doe) was pregnant but thought that she wasn't that far along. On Friday night around 10 pm I heard a funny sound outside and thought it was a fox, as we have been having a bit of problems with the foxes. Instead of it been a fox there was two tiny little kids. As soon as I looked at them I could see one was a lot more alert and active then the other but I assumed that  the more active one was the first born. I dried the little boy of and left them with there mum. The next day the little boy still wouldn't stand, I gave him some milk but he wouldn't suck. Sadly we had to make the decision to put him down as after two days he still showed no sign of having any sucking reflex's and he still wasn't standing. So far this experience has been a mixture of emotions. Trying to reason with Lincoln has been the hardest, he is really upset by it all. However we now have one beautiful little girl kid that the children have named Clover and we also have fresh goats milk.

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  1. What an awful decision to make, glad I wasn't in your shoes this day. How cute is the other kid though.