Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Hate Waiting

I'm sure everyone does, Rob had to have a mole removed today but the Doctor wanted to cut it out to get it tested, and robs a wuss when it comes to needle so I was dragged along for moral support, to take advantage of the time we would spend waiting I went to the library borrowed some books, grabbed my knitting and the time went quiet quickly the only problem is we know have to wait a week for the results.. not fun.
(don't ya love my library bag i made it from a pillow i got from the local op shop).
 and this pretty girl is the newest addition to our rabbits, we now have two does and one buck, they are the kids pets but they are also meat rabbits we breed from, two are New Zealand  rabbits and the other is a Flemish  X  British they are all giant breeds .

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