Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where to shop

I am getting to a stage where I'm unhappy with shopping at the big shops (Woolworth's, coles and Aldi) but where to shop instead. I buy my meat from my local butcher and my eggs (when my chooks are of the lay) and roasting chooks and the occasional duck are from Nulkaba farm where I have also gotten some laying chooks from recently and also meat chicks. I go to my local fruit and veg shop for fruit, veg and  milk ( which comes from a local dairy). I have also started shopping at Bibina and also Organic feast for certain dry goods, cheeses, herbs etc. And for the last 6 months I have been getting my flour, dried beans, nuts, pulses through my brothers wholesale. I just need to work out where to get toilet paper, tooth paste and I'm sure there is other stuff I cannot think of at the moment. When I think about it my biggest problem is habit its closer for me to just go to my local shops, I need to be more organised and maybe change my menu planning to shop monthly for all dry goods and just shop weekly for fresh fruit and veg , plus meat. Hmm it all seems so much simpler written down.

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