Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling inspired

To try new flour in bread I used a high protein flour an added around 30% spelt flour

Beets inspired by here an wow are they yummy I normally just roast beets and eat in salad but this way would have to be Alyras favourite shes nearly finished of one jar already. I didn't really go of a recipe i baked the beets the peeled and then chopped then. Then I in a pot i added two cups of vinegar 1 cup of sugar, spoon of mustard seeds, spoon of five spice and simmered for 5 Min's then I poured over the beets. It is sweet kinda like canned beetroot, I think that's why Alyra loves it so much.

Shopping at Bibina I got lots of flours, spelt, wholemeal and high protein. I also got some bulk baking powered, a new cocoa powder to try, couscous, quinoa and feta made from sheep's milk oh a bit too many teas.

 Finding giggling kids under the mulberry tree I couldn't help but take a photo but I wasn't too impressed as Lincoln was in his school cloths and it was cold and raining so of to the bath they were sent.

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