Friday, November 11, 2011


All the garlic is harvested, I'm always amazed at just how easy garlic is to grow. Last year I harvested 18 bulbs of garlic this yr it was close to 100, I have given some away and I also plan to keep some to replant next year. Maybe just maybe I can say that I am 100%  self sustainable when it comes to garlic. Now if only i can be more organised with my veggie growing to be able to say that about all the vegetables we eat. I think that would be my ultimate.

 The orange nuts in the container are raw peanuts that we grew last summer I'm really glad that we didn't eat them now as we have been planting them
 Peanuts.... very exciting I really wasn't sure if they would grow but they are so far around 10 plants have came up and I aim to plant the last of the peanuts over the weekend.

 Tomatoes are quickly growing, we have plant 23 plants all heirloom variety's, a mix of full size mini Roma's, grape and cherry tomatoes

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