Thursday, November 24, 2011


Do you do this... Whats your reason?
In the last year I have started slowly building up a stockpile. My reason for starting was that hubby had hurt his back and while he was covered under work cover the pay he got of them was close to half of what his usual pay was. It made me realise if i had had a well stocked cupboard we would of been fine at least food wise. How I have built up my stockpile is every time I go shopping I buy something extra that we don't need  and slowly what we have has built up I also rotate it all regularly. 
Today I decided to give my cupboards a tidy up an it got me thinking about the reasons people keep a stock pile. I do also have a small container of emergency stuff I have stocked pile, such as wind-up torches, heavy duty tape, zip ties, water, candles, matches etc.

 I also have two 20 ltr buckets, one with white flour and the other with wholemeal.
I have found that since I started stockpiling, I have also started buying more things in bulk and this has helped me save more money, overall I spend around $300 less a month then I was a yr ago.

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