Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheese aint so easy

I have been comparing cheese books, I own the Ricki Carroll book and the Tim Smith book, I have borrowed from the library, They are very similar but overall I think the Tim's book - Making Artisan cheese has a little more appeal as it includes  metric measurements as well which to me is a huge plus and also includes lots of photos. I will admit that I think both books are lacking in detail a little, for some one who is starting out in cheese making they don't go into detail of what to do if you make a mistake and how you might rectify it

Making cheese failures, Yes it was disappointing but I should of realised the recipe was a little out of my grasp, as it mentions a few times through out the recipe to check the pH level and I don't have the equipment to do this. It was suppose to be a provolone cheese which is kinda like a more mature mozzarella, but it went crumbly an I couldn't stretch it which is an important part of making the cheese. I tried to salvage the cheese by pressing it, then letting it sit in brine for 2 hrs, then I left it to dry to two days. It is now waxed an sitting in the fridge so fingers crossed its eatable.

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