Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fig Jam

Back from my nonas again, this time with 8 kilos of figs. The last lot I had planned to make some jam but they all got eaten. So this time its jam making.

 The recipe is really simple:

Step 1- For every kilo of figs add half a kilo of sugar and  a squeeze of lemon, I think i used 250 mls of lemon all up for the 8 kgs.
Step 2- mix together with a stick blender
Step 3- pour as much as you can fit into a stainless steel baking dish and cook in oven at a low temp until it changes in colour, stir when you remember- you might need to do this step a couple of times depending on how big your tray is and how much jam your making.
Step 4- pour into sterilised jars and either water bath or pressure can.
For jams I normally water bath for 10 minutes.
So far I am up to 11 jars and have  one batch left to jar up.
After mixing with stick blender.

Nona also gave me more tomatoes to jar up.This year to make the job easier I borrowed my Dads mincer, I don't know much about it. It is a Tre spade, and has attachments for mincing, making sausages, and for mincing tomatoes. All I did was cut the tomatoes in half and push them down the shoot, the machine does the rest. It separates the seeds and the skin. After this you can jar the tomatoes up as is. But I prefer to make into a ready to use sauce. No recipe for this but its the same as if you were making a pasta sauce or sauce for pizzas, I always add lots of garlic and red onions and basil. But you can add whatever you like. Then pour into sterilised jars, and either water bath or pressure can or freeze. In previous years I have frozen the sauce but this year I have pressure canned as freezer space is limited.

Note:I haven't gone into detail about water bathing and pressure canning as I am still learning the ropes my self and there is lots of info on the Internet about these processes.

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  1. Oh my goodness me Carly, you lucky mama!! I LOVE figs!!! Fresh and raw with a large blob of thick thick cream - heaven! Sadly they don't grow too well here in Tassie but when we lived up your way we had access to lots.
    You have lots of interesting 'bits' here and when I have a longer moment I'll be back to have a look around - so far I've seen lots of good stuff! All that food is right up my alley!
    Oh and I'm a bit jealous of your op shop sideboard.......!