Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Figs galore

There is nothing better then a fig from one of my Nona's tree's, maybe I am bias but that's ok. I think everyone in my family agrees.

 Nona had picked all these homegrown veggies for me before I arrived. It didn't take the kids long to finish of the figs and we went out to collect more.

I plan to make sauce with the tomatoes and what is left of the figs tomorrow will be turned into jam.


  1. oh wowee!!! look at them all... all that colour! just gorgeous!

    Kel x

  2. Oh wow! I love your little blog. We're moving to a rural property and will be having more vegie gardens etc... I am now following your lovely blog and will definitely be stopping back for tips/advice! :) Please come visit at Just For Daisy! :) x

    1. Oh how exciting about moving to a rural property. I love gardening I always find it calming, one tip is let children have there own garden, it helps them to 1. get involved 2. use's up there energy 3. keeps them out of you garden hahaha.