Tuesday, April 19, 2011

all over a bit to quickly

We are home from a trip up to Bundarra, where we stay at a local farm called Sentry Box while it doesn't look like much from the out side its great on the inside and was so much better then staying at a caravan park or Copeton Dam which is where we were originally going to stay. The kids had a great time and loved the goats and it was good to stay somewhere that has more privacy then a caravan park
I really love this photo, mum gave the kids some bubble sticks as an early Easter gift and it was a pure fluke that I capture this photo. I love how they are both inside the bubble.
Boys and there toys hehehe.
On the right of the tree is a wedge tail eagle I'm always amazed when I see them, just how big they are.

When we went to Copeton dam Lincoln forgot his jumper back at the cottage so it was decided a fire was needed.

While this next photo is just showing a paddock, I had been hanging out the window trying to get a photo of a wild sow (female pig) and her piglets running after her, there was around ten of them the kids and Rob we so excited. This is the back paddock of the place for sale we went to have a look at.

The goats at Sentry Box were so friendly and followed the kids ever where.

The outside of the cottage.
And a peek inside, it was really nice and even had a dish washer which we didn't use. I'm to use to doing it by hand.

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