Tuesday, April 19, 2011


On the chickens and the garden.
 The chickens are getting bigger and today was there first day out side, they are 3 weeks old.
We spotted the first saffron bulb to flower, I planted these last yr but they were so tiny last yr that they didn't produce any flowers.

Taking advantage of space around the kumquat by planting it out with garlic, These ones are a bit too close together but i can blame that on my helpers lol.

This yr Ive put netting over my cabbages and broccoli to help keep the white moths of them so far its working great. As you can see along the edge of the garden we also put in onions all around the cabbages.

First of the peas, though  yesterday they were that height the whole way along the mesh, the extreme trimming is thanks to ninny goat who scoffed in and had her self a great feed.
This wild looking garden is Lincolns and is full of sweet potatoes and potatoes and also baby broccoli plants
these peanuts came from Lincolns garden he was very excited to pull them up and ate one straight away even though I told him you have to wait.

 The capsicums have gone a bit wild I have been using them in every meal to use them all up

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