Saturday, April 2, 2011

Maybe a Little Bit Extreme

Have you ever had a moment where afterwards or even instantly you think oh my god did i really just do that....
Well Yep i had one of thous moments this week where I was trying to make dinner and the kids were fighting about what they wanted to watch on TV. So I sent them out side to play and grabbed/ yanked the TV form the entertainment unit with the aim of putting it in the spare room for a week or two, so that the could have some TV free time and maybe learn to play together a bit nicer, anyway of cause it didn't go to plan i dropped the TV not from very high 30 cm and it cracked the screen on the inside so the outer glass was fine but the stuff inside was cracked so now we have no TV at all. That night Rob and I discussed it and we have decided its happened for a reason and no we are not going to buy another TV, last year when our clothes dryer broke down we made the same decision and we have survived fine and  when we feel the kids have been good we can always let them watch a DVD on the laptop as a treat. So far I'm amazed that they have quickly gotten over it and they are playing better, and not just them most afternoons while i cooked dinner Rob and the kids would watch TV, since the incident they have been playing out side each afternoon all three on the trampoline or kicking the soccer ball around. I'm actually feeling a bit guilty as we are all interacting as a family so much more now, but the funny thing is before this all happened I felt both Rob and I spent heaps of time interacting with the kids, I think the difference is now its more quality time.
The Entertainment unit now makes a great play area. 

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