Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Food for Free

is there such as thing.. yep if you don't mind scavenging and hunting for it,slipping and sliding in mud and falling of the back of the Ute. While we were away one afternoon driving back to the cottage I notice what from the road side looked like lemons. So of cause i had to investigate, because it was so muddy rob refused to just drive across he paddock so i walked over to find not lemons but quinces hundreds of them.I was so excited both mum and Rob thought i was nuts, but Rob ended up driving down and I picked 10kgs of them. They wernt perfect, some i had to cut out spots where fruit fly had gotten into them but when they are for free who's to complain. So today was spent cutting and cooking them I only used around 3 kgs of them and I'm taking some over to my Nona's at Easter.

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