Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Olive picking

I forgot to take the camera with me so not pictures of the trees, but the olives were pick at my dads place. We didn't get heaps, around 9kg not much considering he has at least 20 trees,  most were still green but this is what I brought home with me. Preserving  olives is a really simple process, I mixed salt in water, how much salt you are suppose to use I'm not sure but I do it the way my Nona taught me which is place an egg or a potato in the water when it floats you have used the right amount of salt, then prick the olives this helps to release the bitterness from them then, leave in the brie, cover so they are all under water and change brie weekly until you think they are ready... I normally go  four weeks but just wash and try one( I know one time my dad forgot he had some in brine and left them for three months!!! but we ate them they tasted fine). Then you can use however you want you can just rinse them and put in jars full of clean water, but i prefer to put in olive oil with roasted garlic and sun dried tomatoes, also baking then with herbs then storing in oil is really yummy as well.

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